Joining Group Buys and Skipping the Base Kit

Hey Everyone,

Just a bit of a discussion thread, and wanted to get your opinion on something I’ve been doing lately.
I’ve joined a number of GMK group buys and have skipped the base kit.

It started with GMK Vaporwave, I really wanted the novelties and hiragana sublegend kit, and figured I could use the modifiers from GMK mitolet rather than shell out for a full base kit which I wouldn’t really use.
I’ve now just jumped on Dracula, getting only the nightmode and ERR! modules. I’m thinking the night mode mods will look stellar with Serika alphas.

Is this frowned upon? I feel like I’m benefiting without helping the set reach MOQ, but, I can customise my sets and have boards I’m really happy with.

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Given that most GMK sets are hitting MOQ these days, I don’t think anyone will hold such a practice against you. With such a saturated market, being selective regarding the caps you’ll actually use is natural.


Base kits have the highest chance of reaching MOQ, so I think just buying kits other than the base kit will contribute positively to most group buys (except the ones not reaching MOQ for the base kit).