[JP] Artisan keycap


Hey there,

Me and my friend started offering beautiful hand painted keycaps. Shipping is free from Japan one week after order, they are coated matte, OEM profile. I hope you like the patterns:


You can buy them directly from the website, if you have any question please let me know,


Diamondx and Ai


Will you offer more profiles in the future?


I ordered blank topre profile.
unfortunately I can’t find blank SA keycaps. I only found black SA profile in pimpmykeyboard,com


I really like the designs, but them being OEM kills it for me as I do not use OEM profile caps at all. I think you’d have a pretty popular product if you could make these in Cherry, SA, & DSA profiles though!


thanks a lot for reply. I’m working on getting different blank keycaps as soon as possible