Kam Little Pilot GB

Haven’t seen it posted here yet but this GB just went live this evening. Great looking keyset for an awesome price!


Ouch, a couple layout fails.

40’s kit has the spacebar rendered as concave when they should be convex. I think KAM does them as convex, but the renders still cause concern.

Numpad kit shows a minus sign for two rows, but its a uniform profile, so thats unnecessary. It should have an equals key, thankfully you could use the wolf novelty from a mod kit as equals.

I think the pricing is perfect. Other sets are so expensive just to cover your board that buying the novelties aren’t even conceivable unless you plan to spend $200. For less than $80 you can get exactly what you want no matter what your needs are.

Keyreative is going to be a massive force to be reckoned with in the future. Their reverse dyesub is huge for designers and people really love the KAT and KAM profiles. I wonder how their cherry profile compares to gmk.

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man, i was really excited for this set. But I was out when i found out it was KAM and not KAT

Cool thing about KAM is they actually made separate molds for it made the sculpt flat and equalized the height midway between the lowest and highest KAT sculpt. Also there are quite a few people that prefer the super gloss finish.

I just bought KAT Eternal, so maybe I wait to get a KAM set next year.


ahh that’s cool! that’s definitely more reassuring. I wasn’t a fan of DSA and XDA because of the small caps. I’ve also wanted to try r3 SA