KBD67 Lite VS Portico

As I was watching some videos on modding the KBD67 Lite, I stumbled across this and decided to watch it. What do you think is better, the KBD67 Lite or the Portico?


If there are two keebs I’d have a harder time choosing between, I can’t think of them. IMHO, both are S-tier in the segment of “entry customs”, and most days involve me using both - my Portico at home, a 67L at work.

TL;DR: Both are fantastic and it’s hard to go wrong with either; 67L edges-out with versatility, the Portico with no-fuss ease.

Get ready for a whole nine yards of bullet-points:

Pros that both share:

  • Metal thread inserts; won’t wear out from repeated dis-assembly
  • Some form of dampened edge-mounting ("“gasket”")
  • USBC
  • Non-metallic plates by default (subjective, but I call it a pro)
  • PCB-mounted stabs
  • Included dampening
  • Included cable & carrying case
  • 5-pin South-facing hot-swap sockets
  • QMK & VIA support (I’ve gotten both to work with them, but neither out of the box)
  • RGB (or Bluetooth, depending on PCB chosen for 67L)

KBD67L Pros:

  • Them deep clax bro
  • Much bigger aftermarket / upgrade path; cases, plates, you name it
  • Bluetooth & soldered PCBs available
  • Generally easier to obtain

Portico Pros:

  • A bit faster / easier to disassemble than the KBD67L, using regular screw heads that are easily accessible
  • Polycarbonate case material (vs the 67L’s ABS)
  • Comes with spare foam for the mounts
  • A more refined aesthetic with no visible seams

Neutral distinctions;


  • Polycarb plate, standoffs embedded
  • KBDfans stabs
  • Mounted by the middle dampener at points around the edge of the case
  • Dampening is mostly silicone with a thin sheet of foam
  • Lighter in stock config (additional silicone and foam available, the former adds weight)
  • USBC port on the left
  • Stock feet are pretty soft and a hanful of mm tall
  • Thicc cable


  • FR4 plate, standoffs screwed-on
  • Equalz stabs or possibly none, depending on the kit
  • Mounted by the plate with foam pads at points around the edge of the case
  • Dampening is a mixture of felt between the PCB and silicone below; no foam sheet
  • Heavier in stock config
  • USBC port centered
  • Stock feet are more firm an only a couple mm tall
  • Longboi cable



  • Stock plate doesn’t have a very tight grip on switches, relying as much on the pins when it comes to more loose-fitting switches (aftermarket ones in other materials, both from KBDfans and other sources, all do a better job of this)
  • The seam might look better with a mild fillet; as-is I’d say it’s the least resolved part of an otherewise very solid design aesthetic, and especially on solid-color or metal versions, that seam makes any mild, natural warping in the case stand out more


  • You need patience and a calendar to get your hands on one
  • Usually a small selection of colors when it does run
  • Not much aftermarket support; a Portico’s a Portico, pretty much - at least for now
  • RGB is beautiful but consistently buggy

My takeaways and anecdotes:

These are both excellent keebs, and either one would be a solid pick for an only keeb.

In a few ways I think the 67L pulls-ahead when it comes to versatility, availability, and aftermarket support - but I can’t quit the Portico as my daily driver. For me, the Portico makes a more suitable keeb for testing switches thanks to its (relative to polycarb) firm plate and extra-quick disassembly - and I do appreciate that lack of visible seam. Just an extra-solid experience, even for someone like myself who regularly takes apart the keeb to change switches.

If I really could only have one, I’d probably go with the 67L thanks to the available Bluetooth option and loads of aftermarket stuff out there for it - but I’m glad I don’t have to only pick one, because I’ve put more miles on this Portico since I got it than any keeb I’ve ever owned and that’s not about to change any time soon.

The 67L easily takes the versatility cake; not a whole lot more to say about that.

Buggy RGB notwithstanding, the Portico has a satisfying reliability. I’d hardly call the 67L unreliable - I’ll explain:

Every switch I’ve put in the Portico has been free of issues; but every now and then the 67L has a habit of letting-go of one edge of a few switches, usually the front edge of the front row. They won’t fall out, but they will tilt back visibly. The more you swap switches with that soft plate, the more likely this becomes, though it’s only an issue with more loose-fitting switches. Say all that to say, there is no such possibility in the back of my mind when it comes to the Portico - it’s ready for whatever switches I want to throw at it, be they super-cheap, extra-fancy, or anything in-between.