Keebtalk Artisan Awards


The Awards Committee understands (and expected) that the community would have a lot of questions regarding how it operated for this inaugural year. We have come up with a FAQ to address some of the questions/concerns people have raised.


Really keeping my fingers crossed for PrimeCaps! I’ve ordered several artisans from them recently and my experiences have been nothing short of stellar.


I can’t believe I’m included in this! I’m so beyond honored! Good luck to all involved!


Gib results pls :slight_smile:


The Keebtalk Artisan Awards have now officially concluded!

The polls have been closed and the results of the anonymous popular votes are now available. Congratulations to the winners of each category!

Thank you to all as well who made this happen, I would especially like to thank the Artisan Awards Committee and of course the artisan community for participating! For an inaugural awards, the number of votes we received were an awesome turnout!