Keebtalk Mascot


Like any good organization/company/entity, Keebtalk needs a mascot. Preferably a cute animal, maybe even one that is tactile.

Huey, Ryan, and Andrew are kinda busy right now so the task falls upon us. Let’s suggest ideas for what the Keebtalk mascot should be.

Consider the Stegosaurus. It might seem ancient (exactly how people perceive keyboards), but it has things on its back that maybe look like keycap side profiles. I haven’t touched a Stegosaurus but I assume it is quite tactile.



Consider the snail. Many find it off-putting, but it is soft on the inside, and full of viscous liquid. Lube perhaps? Or maybe something else entirely.

In any case, it is mysterious, with a feel that is difficult to describe. You press on the shell and nothing happens, then something gives and the whole thing just collapses. Does that sound familiar? TOPRE. Yes, HHKBs are just like snails, and this is why they should be the Keebtalk mascot.


Oh come on, why can’t the mascot just be puddsy, like it is everywhere else.


like typing on a cloud of snails?


I vote for Harambe. #neverforget


Consider the Koala. An animal dumb enough that if you give it a bowl of leaves it won’t eat them because they aren’t from a tree. Similar to when we are handed perfectly fine switches, but yet decided they aren’t custom enough and do all sorts of modding to them.


I second the vote for puddsy.


Consider the sloth. His slow and calculated, deliberate movements, mirror those of the meticulous keyboard community. Yeah, and other stuff too. Also he cute.


Consider the living, breathing Memesaur.

It’s just as contemporaneous as the site’s humor.


I propose, the magpie. It likes bright and shiny things, like our keysets and artisans, and will often collect little tidbits of things that it personally thinks are irreplaceable but will often appear to outsiders to be meaningless and without value. Also they can be very loud when arguing with others about whose shiny things are better.


Fkin magpies.


Oh come on, why can’t the mascot just be puddsy, like it is everywhere else.

Because he’s everywhere he’s not unique to KT


My theory: there’s a herd of puddsys. They galumph this way and that. I could be wrong, I’m not a scientist.