Key Switch Speadsheet

Hi All,

Brand new to the KB scene. Just built my first and already planning my second. There is so much to learn about this hobby, especially when it comes to the key switches. I feel like most of the content you encounter online when searching for switches is not really updated and does not include a lot of the higher demand hobbyist switches like the alpacas for example. I would love to know if there is a master spreadsheet for key switches out there. Something that maybe includes a list of the more important features of the switch and where to buy. I’m so excited to learn more about this hobby, but wish there were more centralized resources that had this information handy.


Switch wiki is one that is just getting started. Then there is ThereminGoat’s site on which he posts his switch reviews. I would also point you to Haata’s ploty site where he stores all his force curve measurements. Beyond that the wiki section of Deskthority is a great resource for switch info, but much more focused on vintage stuff.

I do admit the info is pretty scattered across the web & also pretty outdated, but I doubt we’ll see much change in that as fast as things change in the hobby. Really just becoming more active in the community like, getting on the many MKB related Discord servers, watching many of the MKB related streamers, being active on the MKB related forums, etc… Is the best way to stay up to date on what’s happening in the hobby/community & get the info you’re looking for on the newest products IME.


Wow, really appreciate this!

I def think a centralized platform for MK news would be awesome, but understand how much work that would be. In regards to discords and forums, are there any in particular you would recommend? I’ve been relying on r/MM and r/MK for pretty much everything so far and its pretty difficult to follow haha…

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I’d say just join one of the more popular vendor’s discords. Vendors like Cannon.Keys, ProtopTypist, and a few others come to mind. Many people are always on there chatting about their group buys or up and coming Interest Checks for keyboards, keycaps, and miscellaneous accessories (like deskmats and switches). Streamers also have their own Discord Servers where members of their servers are active in discussing the latest trends in the hobby.

But TLDR to your question about switches: the majority of the switches that are being released now (and that have been released within the past several months) are recolored versions of many of the popular switches in the community. Switches like Mauves, Alpacs, and H1’s are some–just to name a few.