Keyboard Related Company Photo Ideas?

My company hires a professional photographer to take photos of all employees for our photo wall. Most people do something whimsical related to a hobby.

I was thinking of doing something keyboard related. I have 10 minutes total to set up and take the photo.

I’ve got a bunch of keyboards (black and white FC750Rs, k-type, full size Das, black and white 87Us, white FC660C, realforce R2), GMK Plum, GMK Laser, black Norbaforce housing, and a couple artisans.

My one dumb idea is to hold a couple boards and throw the stock Das keycaps in the air to make it rain caps. (Wouldn’t be a problem if I lost a few of the thin, shiny, dirty stock caps.)

I’m sure you guys can think of something better. Any ideas?

not this

This related photo seems like a good idea

In all seriousness, just holding the keyboards could be fine. I’m not entirely sure of the logistics involved in both holding two keyboards and throwing keycaps in the air … Maybe you can recruit a volunteer for the keycaps :stuck_out_tongue:

Either that or pretend to play guitar on the Realforce :slight_smile:

Guitar on the realforce is a good idea, actually dovetails with another hobby. Thanks!