Keyboardbelle Iconic Case - 3D Printed 60% Keyboard Cases

Just officially launched

Iconic Cases are in stock and ready to ship

Working on the imgur gallery here (why do my photos never stay in order?!)

Thanks everyone who bought prototype and practice prints from /r/mechmarket !


That is pretty cool and such a great price! Good luck with the business!

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Current inspiration: '80s Business Woman
Shopping List: shoulderpads, hairspray, Motorola “brick” cell phone, IBM Model M


Those are beautiful, next level 3D printing. The cases look absolutely stunning and with an awesome pricetag!

I started out with a Printrbot 1405! A little laser cut wood frame held together with zip-ties - needless to say the new printer is a bit better built. :joy:


would you recommend the TEVO Tarantula as a cheap learning printer?

That looks very nice! Couple of questions:

Are the cases plateless?

If yes, is there the possibility of you printing a plate in the future?

Do you have any pics of the Glow in the dark one in the dark?

I just wanted to say that these prints are next level quality. Feel very solid and have brass threading inserts which is a very premium touch. I am looking forward to getting a second and am just waiting to see future color developments to see what I want to pair with enjopbt 9009 or maybe slate.

Thanks! I have Aqua, Mint, a slightly paler yellow, clear or natural PLA and a few more colors to work with this month.

It is possible to bulk order completely custom PLA colors, but I have to expand first to justify ordering that much plastic at once.

I’d like to do some more retro beiges, greys, a teal, pale orange, and a buttercream yellow. So far the dark grey has been most popular (an ultra-matte grey is something I’ll look into as well).

I should have the Corona design finalized this month as well, so a couple of those may find there way to the store.

I missed out on getting one of you Cassette cases, will you be making more?

Yeah, I should be able to make more of everything.

The four finished cases are Iconic, Icon, Cassette, and Corona.

I have a Pascal, Cachet, and Icarus to still finish working on.

I’m working on expanding my printing capability so the online store will actually have more than one case design.

In the next few months I will look into custom orders too so people can order specific colors and designs.

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Sweet, can’t wait to pick up a Cassette case.

The Dark Grey cases have been restocked

(✿◠‿◠) Thanks (◠‿◠ ✿)

I’m not @keyboardbelle but I do own a few 3D printers (a Lulzbot TAZ 6, an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus, and a CR-10).

If you have enough space for one, the CR-10 is fantastic (and has a large enough print bed to make 60% cases) and pretty reasonably priced—I got mine for just under $USD 400 and I’ve seen them on sale for ~$USD 350.

I’ve heard bad things about the Tarantula’s power supply wiring, but I haven’t ever used one myself, so I won’t talk too much crap about it here.

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I’ll second this assessment.

I have heard of people re-wiring some of the cheaper printers with better power supplies.

Most people when they learn 3D printing don’t start out making large objects, so a smaller, cheaper printer may work better at first.

A small print could take two or three hours while a large print could take 10 hours or more.

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oof man that hurts in CAD hehe, good to know thank you for the answers!

10 or 10s is there a big difference?

Looks like this was asked on Reddit - so perhaps this link will be helpful:

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fantastic thread thank you!

I think it’s an Adam Savage quote, but it originally applied to tools, it goes something like “Buy the cheap tool first and when you break it, replace it with a more expensive, quality tool.”

Your first 3D printer is a cheap tool - plan on using it as a learning tool that teaches you what you want from a more expensive, higher quality 3D printer.

I also read somewhere that most people who 3D print don’t use their full bed size, so that’s something to consider as well.

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thinking Creative Ender 3 with that logic but manual print surface adjustment squares me