Keyboardbelle Iconic Case Sale and Updates

Keyboardbelle Store Updated - link should work now

Iconic Cases are on sale for 20% off, use the discount code “1721” at checkout.

I restocked all of the colors, so you can choose exactly what you want.

There is a new prototype section with things like the TS100 Soldering Iron grip and some cork bottoms that can replace your 60% keyboard feet.

Prototype case prints are also there (currently with some black “Kishsaver” style cases). More styles and colors of prototypes coming soon.

Generally prototypes vary in size slightly from final versions (the bezels may be slightly larger or slimmer) or be variants of final version styles.

Replace your keyboard feet with a sheet of adhesive-backed laser etched cork:

A couple of GH60 PCBs and Steel Plates have been added if people want to buy a case, PCB, and plate all at once.

Artisan Stems are now available. These are Artisan keycap bases with hollow tops, so you can fill them with resin and perhaps build miniature dioramas inside or add color pigment or glitter to your resin. The basin size is approximately 10.5mm by 10.5mm by 6mm. Get double keycaps with your order as a promotion.

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No way. Is that Rachel from blade runner?!

It is! I erased most of the image except the face for clarity.

I may have thrown a couple away that didn’t quite turn out right. You have to photoshop the images until they’re extremely high contrast, so if you pixellate them as well, they tend to etch ok on cork. Cork is less like etching wood in that it tends to go from the cork color to black quickly, so it doesn’t show contrast as well.

Also, I’m almost done with the Corona case, I printed several in different heights to decide what worked well and I think 24mm (+3mm taller) than the standard high-rise is what looks the best. I also reworked the top to where I can fit my iPad 9.7" - so it should be able to fit any tablet or phone at least in portrait mode.

All of the testing prototypes for the Corona will end up in the prototype section soon, these are a lot of plastic (350g+) so they’re heavier and larger than the iconic cases.

Corona Case (2224) in Mint PLA plastic:

This bezel looks better the shorter the case height, so I went from 27mm back to 24mm:

iPad 9.7" will wedge in with a silicone case attached:

This is actually centered when the PCB is actually screwed in place, it should work with all USB cables:

From the outside, it has the corded look and hides the USB connection completely:

:fire: :desktop_computer: Store domain settings seem to be working now. Please post if you have any issues with the store links or if it doesn’t render properly on your device. :desktop_computer: :fire: