Keyboards Tonight! Ft. Manofinterests, Hugokeys, & Lightningkeyboards

Hi friends,

I’ve been working on a new show with Hugokeys (Hugo) and LightningKeyboards (Diego)! We recently premiered the pilot on Saturday on my Twitch channel. If you missed out, you can check out the VOD on the new Keyboards Tonight YT channel where we’ll have the VODs, highlights, and other content.

Check out the VOD when you get a chance, we think it’s a pretty fun show!

Please consider subscribing to the channel so we can get that custom URL :sunglasses:


Just to add on, feedback is welcome. If anyone wants to contribute to the show via writing/editing. Feel free to contact us. For generic feedback we’ll be making one of these threads per episode, so any episode specific comments are welcome here.


Damn it, figures I miss the new hotness on the MOI stream… :cold_sweat:I seen the Discord announcement you were streaming on sat. but my old ass fell asleep (I’m east coast). Oh well, hopefully catch you guys on the next one as Huey, Diego, & Hugo are three of my fav streamers for honest opinions on all MKB stuff! :+1:


I really liked the show, thank you Huey!