Keychatter, News, & You

Hey gang-- As some of you know, I recently took over as Editor-in-Chief of One of my primary goals with Keychatter is to amplify all the great stuff that’s being created in the keyboard world by writing articles about new products and projects. You can (very easily) help us do that, and in turn help out yourselves and the community at large.

Have you noticed that any time there’s a new mainstream mechanical keyboard product, all the tech sites cover it all at the same time? That’s because those companies amass journalist emails and carpet bomb them all whenever there’s news.

At Keychatter, we’re your journalists. Whenever you have a Group Buy, or an exciting new project or product you plan to release, or you’re a vendor with fresh stock, or even if you just spot something really cool that you think others would be interesting in seeing, let us know via email at:

Tell us the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How Much. Include a photo or two that we’re allowed to publish.

Because here’s the thing: There are several mechanical keyboard forums, plus all the trillions of Slacks and Discords, and trawling through them all to find everything newsworthy every day and then extracting pertinent info befitting a news post is nigh unto impossible. We miss SO MUCH great stuff.

Plus, even when there’s plenty of info about a new project in a forum post, we’re not allowed to use any of the photos without the permission of the pictures’ owners. Acquiring that permission takes time. (I know not everyone is careful about photo permissions, but after working for a big PC publication with a parent company that’s always worried about liability, I can tell you that it’s actually a Very Big Deal. Also, ethics.)

Are you hesitant to self-promote like that? I know the feeling. But you know who doesn’t feel bad about self-promotion? Every successful company and builder and maker ever. Don’t hide your good work. Help us get the word out!