Koyu by Rama pre order available

So Koyu is available. You can also get a thicc tank version that weighs 5.2 kg with the weight. :flushed:



anyone wanna donate $1000 to my keyboard fund? PM me

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Simultaneous GBs by @kingrama and @norbauer ? Not cool, guys.

It’s like a devil on each shoulder whispering, “Who needs to eat when you can spend your money on those sweet clicks and savory thocks?”


lube your switches and have all thocks :slight_smile:

The rama board looks really nice, but I’m still not sold on that small blocker pitted against the wide bezel. Waiting on the U80, personally.

I just saw that email today. I told my son, “Welcome to the dawn of the thousand-dollar case.” Then we debated the difficulty of machining stainless steel versus machining brass, copper, and bronze—none of which we know much about, but it’s always interesting to learn more.

I admit I got kind of turned off by all the (kind of) flowery language the Rama site used to describe the item. I’ll bet it’s gonna be nice. But, come on. That’s just my opinion though, and has nothing to do with the actual product.

It’s good to have choices.


Between the Heavy-6 Monolith and the TANK, I think the hyper elite luxury bracket will start to fill up with more goodies. I like the option of something that’s obscenely expensive even though I doubt I will get it myself and the important thing is that SOMEONE will and it will be glorious. This does hit all the 2018 trends with hotswap, type-c, $1000 price, etc.

That being said, the angle is a little steep for me at 8 degrees. I like something closer to 3 with a max of 5ish but that’s just me.


I agree, the description is verging on nonsense and is incredibly pretentious. It is a nice looking product though and Rama definitely does go above and beyond when it comes to the finishes and even the shipping material.


PVD is on the upswing. I’d like to know more about the differences between that and Cerakoting.

And also, the TANK will weigh just under eleven and a half Freedom Pounds, I just spent a small bit of time looking up the conversion.


which colour are you going for?

I ordered the tank! I hope it doesn’t attract fingerprints too much.

I think the MOON (DARK GREY) color will be for me. I hope will go well with GMK Modern Dolch keycaps.

What do people think about the PBT HEAVY INDUSTRY keycaps?

I’m also waiting for U80-A.

It is difficult to find keycap sets that have nice 1.5u keycaps. GMK Modern Dolch doesn’t have 1.5u “super” keys. Koyu needs two 1.5u “super” keycaps!

I am going to use Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari Custom Keycap Set | Doubleshot ABS with my Koyu. I love MT3 profile keycaps. susuwatari looks awesome with dark grey keeb case!

Bummer, will have to use GMK Modern Dolch on something else. That’s OK.

Oh wow susuwatari looks great. You just ordering the base set?

I would love to get tank version of the Koyu. Just need to keep some money for a U80-A. Should drop later this year I hope.

Aluminium version price is fine, but PVD brass version price is amazing!

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I have got GMK Led Zep and Camping but they don’t have 1.5u Super keys.

I sold my M60A to save money for TANK edition !

I was hoping the Koyu would be offered in the same Lake color as the M60, but the new options makes me think it might not have done as well as some of the other colorways.

I think I will grab susuwatari Extras too.

yeah, Lake would be great for GMK Nautilus or Calm Depths.
I bought blue Zephyr only because of Nautilus keycaps! GMK Nautilus keycaps deserve it :slight_smile:

clean, affordable, but I regret the lack of icons for modifiers a bit, even if it’s still nice to have legends in lowercase.

Also, it looked better with darker modifiers IMO.
But since it’s dye-sub (I assume), they couldn’t use light legends…