Krytox grease-oli proportion?

Did anyone try a mixture of grease and oil for switches?
I own Krytox 205/105 and I’m going to lube a tactile switches (outemu, gateron browns).

any ideas? :grinning:

I think trying 50/50 in a small vial and shaking to mix would be a great start. After trying that out you can start experimenting with other ratios like 60/40, 40/60, etc

That was my initial plan! :slight_smile:

Forgive me if this is stupid, but why do you mix the grease with oil ? Is krytox thicker than say, tribosys ?

I have used neither, though I have a small vial of tribosys - which I brought for switch lubing, and was under the impression that I was to use it directly on the stem and slider in the switch.

Tribosys 3204 is a Krytox GPL 204g0 equivalent, so yeah, GPL 205 is a bit thicker than it.

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It really depends on the viscosity you are looking for. I personal like roughly a 65% grease, 35% oil mixture for tactile switches, but I prefer a little bit thicker of a lube for them YMMV. I think @Manofinterests advice is the way to go if you are not sure what you’ll like yet.

Edit: BTW just shaking it for mixing to see how it end up is fine, but you want to mix it a bit more thoroughly for actual application IME. I would shake & vigorously stir it with something when preparing it for application. :metal:

I’ve lubed Outemu switches with 50% grease (205) and 50% oil (105) with changed springs (gold 62g) sounds pretty cool. :slight_smile: