Kumo is live!


Ask @evangs to add you a two-pack backer tier? :wink:


This is just darling. Might need to test the 40% waters once and for all…


back for twice the cost of one


Was lucky enough to grab an early flight. January can’t come soon enough.


Awesome Kickstarter/GB and really hoping this hits the goal! Always wanted to try Minivan but was put off a bit by PCB-mount, high price, and lack of availability (I like 40% but have always stuck to ortho)

Well done @evangs and wish you the best of luck sir :smiley:


Necro, sorry. I’m excited to try out my first 40% board. Kumo should ship soon. However, im perplexed by the new board, catalyst. It looks like a kumo with limited edition pcb and smoke color case for a few dollars cheaper than what I paid for the Kumo. And the wait is only 45 days after the GB ends, instead of 1/2 a year.


Just got my Kumo today… haven’t put it together yet. It’s very well-packaged. Nicely done, @evangs!


SWEEET! Did it come Fedex? I have something out for delivery today but I didn’t order anything that I can think of.


Not mine. Mine was delivered via USPS. I got emails with the notification that it was shipped and then out for delivery.


Just got tracking info. woop woop!


Dude. Do your space bars fit? Mine rub. And the case is warped inward at the bottom rim so that it runs too.


Damn, you’re gonna make me actually go put this thing together, huh?


Got it sorted out with Evan. Apparently my kit had the wrong keycap for space bar altogether. It’s too long and not even convex. He’s sending replacements. I have an extra from my 8bit set so I’ve got it up and running. Really fun to use. Love the configurator on the website as well. I’m still not totally used to it, and I’ve died a few times in overwatch from accidentally hitting escape, but it’s a cool kit. Wish it was close to $100, but I’m glad to support fun stuff :slight_smile: