Kumo is live!


Ask @evangs to add you a two-pack backer tier? :wink:


This is just darling. Might need to test the 40% waters once and for all…


back for twice the cost of one


Was lucky enough to grab an early flight. January can’t come soon enough.


Awesome Kickstarter/GB and really hoping this hits the goal! Always wanted to try Minivan but was put off a bit by PCB-mount, high price, and lack of availability (I like 40% but have always stuck to ortho)

Well done @evangs and wish you the best of luck sir :smiley:


Necro, sorry. I’m excited to try out my first 40% board. Kumo should ship soon. However, im perplexed by the new board, catalyst. It looks like a kumo with limited edition pcb and smoke color case for a few dollars cheaper than what I paid for the Kumo. And the wait is only 45 days after the GB ends, instead of 1/2 a year.


Just got my Kumo today… haven’t put it together yet. It’s very well-packaged. Nicely done, @evangs!


SWEEET! Did it come Fedex? I have something out for delivery today but I didn’t order anything that I can think of.


Not mine. Mine was delivered via USPS. I got emails with the notification that it was shipped and then out for delivery.