Leopold FC660C and FC980C Inventory Shortage


It’s pretty heartening actually to see such expensive and excellent keyboards sell so well actually, gives more incentive to manufacturers which should give us greater variety, and it means that there’s more lovely feeling keyboards floating around for people to discover :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, pre-ordered a blue/grey through them to go along with my existing beige. One will end up in a Heavy-6 case and one will be a travel board.


I happen to be selling mine on ebay. It’s brand new and has been sitting in my closet for a few years so it didn’t make sense to keep it, especially since I have switched to ortholinear boards.

There is only a day left of bidding though and someone has bidded on it.


It looks like mk is only getting the black and blue/grey. Is the white version discontinued or Korea only?


Mykeyboard.eu stock the white boards, so I don’t think they are discontinued, I think they are the most popular variants.

Really adore my white/beige 660C, pretty glad I went for it over the black/grey one, though that looks really nice too. I’m generally preferring my boards in lighter shades at the moment, shows up any dust much less :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… white FC660C shows up as “Unavailable” in mykeyboard.eu. I believe the whole “Made in China” generation got discontinued. That includes both the white and gray versions.


You should plug in your email on the page to get a notification once they have stock, and you can email them to ask when they next expect stock in. Pretty sure they just sell out all the time. You can ask to reserve one too.


There doesn’t seem to be any Topre 87U available in 45g as well.

I hope they will be making more and not phasing them out in favour of the new gaming models.


From my understanding the white and grey two tone FC660C were produced at the Chinese factory and when Leopold switched their manufacturing to Japan they changed the colors of the FC660C to the all Black and Blue/grey FC660C. They need to bring the White/grey back.


Damn; I was worried someone was going to say that. I really prefer the beige version; it would be a shame if it never came back to market.


Damn that’s a shame. Glad I grabbed a white/grey one when I did hearing this!


Anyone novatouched their FC660c/980c/HHKB ?

Any Ideea if I drill the FC660c stabilizer housing + add Novatouch slider + GMK keycap if the stabilized keys will still do that clack noise with GMK/Cherry profile thick keycaps ?


Depends how your clack noise is happening. The normal culprit is the parts of the keycaps for the stabilizers colliding with the housings for the modifer keys. I think overall if you do a clean job it should solve most of those issues. It will also allow you the full travel distance.


I did it with BKE domes; it was horrible. Stick with stock domes and I think it’ll be fine.


Thanks for the answer.

On the FC660 I’ve used the Novatouch 2u housings and that clack sound happend.

I’m also having novatouch 2u housings for the Fc980c, but maybe I get lucky and find out if I just drill the FC980c stock 2u housings solves the issue, to save me from a reasembly of the board and actually drilling a stock housing for nothing :slight_smile:


I’m not changing the domes, only putting novatouch sliders.

My question was if GMK + drilled 2u stock housings don’t do the clack sound that novatouch 2u housings make with GMK, to know how to mod the board