Life happens. You're forced to get rid of all of your keyboards except ONE. Which are you keeping?

As your only board, it will be your daily driver. Make sure you factor function into your choice!

Which one do you keep?


This one because i’ve put too much work into it </3


I was working through something like this situation last year, I think all of us have had to figure out that rent has priority over clacks sometimes. Probably some ortho board or the mythical “endgame” board I’m still working on.

For me, it’s probably my Eagle.


This is an interesting question because up until now I have bought keyboards under the assumption that I would be switching between them regularly, so I have a fair amount of variety but probably nothing that I thought of using as my one and only board. Although I love my 60% and 65% boards, I would probably choose something bigger so that it would be more broadly useful. Maybe a 75% like the KBD75 or a compact full size like the Input Club Kira?

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Can I chose a board I haven’t even built yet? Then I’d probably keep a custom ergodox designed for my Trump-sized…short pinkies.

I’m in the same boat. Different sizes, switches, etc. But I’m like, if I only had ONE… :wink:

It’s a difficult question. But if I have to keep one, it will be the Realforce, because the rest of my keyboard can sell for a lot more money, LOL! You did say that “Life happens…”

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Probably my modified HHKB because it’s light, portable, and wireless, which makes it the most versatile… assuming it can survive a few tears at the loss of my other boards.

at101 with salmon alps. all of my modern boards are pretty budget oriented, and it seems old logo at101s keep rising in price.


This would be a tough choice. If I could keep all parts I have for it (extra plates/pcbs built up) I would say my No1 TKL. But if not, I would go with my custom Norbatouch.


Would have to hold onto my Jane but probably rebuild it with linears.

It would definitely pick my TMO50. Has everything you need with layers easily accessible for those that aren’t and is a small form factor for travel purposes.

My modded FC660c or FC980c, haven’t decided on the form factor yet

Man this is a tough one! I saw this the day you posted it, but never responded cause I though to myself “there’s no way I could go down to just one board, maybe two or three not one though…” LOL! Although the question stuck with me & I keep thinking on it. So many factors to consider once you’ve accumulated even a modest collection. Feel preference, practicality for your use cases, rarity (of parts or the board itself), being able to switch a completely different board & switch type at will, etc., etc.!

I was able to narrow it down to two boards myself, I know it’s kinda skirting the question posed but I’ll explain. This would be dropping from the 19 boards I own right now (even after having sold a couple recently) down to 2, so I think that fits the criteria of life happened & you have to massive downsize because of it enough to give a reply. Plus I’ll choose between the two at the end of the post.

The first board I would keep above all others would be my Magnavox Videowriter. Since SKCM browns are my all time favorite switches, I really like the look & feel of the board, it can be converted to USB to work with modern PCs, & it’ll be programmable after the conversion.

The second board would be my RedScarfII+ ver.C bult with lubed 72g Satanic Pandas. Since it has been my daily driver since I rebuilt it to it’s current spec. Also I just love the feel & sound of it, it’s my favorite FF (65%) with compatibility for my favorite layout (split BS), & the kit is of a fairly high quality. I regard it as my best build so far (albeit it just barely wins out on that vs a few of my other builds), so it’s a board I’d very hard pressed to get rid of.

To satisfy @Visionaire’s original question of just one board though, it would be my RedScarfII+ ver.C I’d begrudgingly keep over my Videowriter. Don’t get me wrong, I would be super salty about having to sell the Videowriter fora very long time. The RedScarf just offers more in terms of compatibility & usability with modern PCs/OSes. Also I’d definitely need to trade function over feel in a situation where I had to sell all my other boards. As much as I’d love to keep the Videowriter, I need 100% reliable KB for work & I’m still in the learning phases of how to properly & reliably convert vintage boards to USB.

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My TGR Alice with Holy Pandas :slight_smile:


Wish it was a simple decision like yours for me, & it that didn’t require a wall of text for me to explain, LOL! :face_with_head_bandage:

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Now there’s a bold choice! Love that you’re all-in on the 50

If I’d really be forced to cut it down to just one it would be a super hard choice between my white TX-CP and my PC Singa. I’d probably go with the TC in the end just because it’s the more versatile layout but giving up the Singa (and all my other boards) would break my heart :sweat:

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Dell KB522 rubber domeh