List of Keyboard Retailers / Shops / Stores / Vendors?

I knew they were shutting down for health reasons, but didn’t realize there were any unfulfilled orders. Lots and lots of those from a lot of vendors over the past year it seems.


Hobby exploded during COVID. People had extra money and were looking for new hobbies and retail therapy. Now things aren’t the same.

I think it was really tough for vendors to have a crystal ball on how things would turn out. It seems like in stock keycaps are what people want, but at the same time, I don’t think they really sell like they used too. I mean there are some sets I still want from Novelkeys, but I have been trained to wait for a sale now.


They ripped me off personally; I had bought SA Spectra through them bought in 2021, which they never delivered. Never responded to my emails or Discord pokes, and seem to have resold their stock as “extras” without ever delivering to the GB customers.

Sorry to hear that.

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Wait so how would I get on the list of vendors? Just comment website, region, and products?

Yes, just post up the information that get’s listed in the table and they’ll get you added.

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Easy cheers.

We’re based in Australia and we’re a storefront
Website: https:// sublimekbd. com
Ship to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, UK, US, and Australia with free shipping
We sell keycaps, switches, deskmats, and a small amount of keyboard cases. Will sell prebuilt and gaskets in the future.

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