Lol, another one for the keeb gods :D

My bestie just messaged me… :laughing:


So it begins

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What’s your go to recommendation? I think I have four friends now that have the vortex race 3. The layout isn’t scary, has a decent variety of switch options, and comes with nice keycaps. If it’s not someone who is going to want to tinker that’s been my suggestion for a while.

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Well his budget is <$75 and he needs a numpad so not too many options. I put him on to a Durgod K310 on eBay. It’s actually a pretty good board with decent keycaps. I’m offering to have him send it to me so I can trick it out before he gets it.

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If he doesn’t mind spending just a little more Varmilo makes some excellent Mac-specific keyboards.


Nice. Yeah, he wouldn’t go for that price.