Looks like we got some drama, girls

Looks like ALF might have screwed the pooch (Yes, and not eat the cat). I guess I just don’t understand humans at all… or aliens?


I hope the accusations are wrong but it’s certainly a setback no matter what.

Thread has grown rather lengthy and now also includes discussion on a separate but also controversial topic of KBDFans selling counterfeit zeal switches as well.

Keep cool, stay in school. snd don’t forget to bring a towel

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ALF has indeed screwed the pooch and admitting making unlicenced clones of Matrix 1.0 and 1.2 boards. At least 7.

Alf has already announced that he will cease keyboard manufacturing and design operations after fulfilling the current GBs in production.


Again, i don’t understand people. I guess it’s just a money thing. Money sucks, man.

It’s been pretty disappointing following this. I have both an ALF X2 and X3, they are some my favorite keyboards, but this is pretty inexcusable (although it is sadly common in a lot of other industries).

So what exactly is happening? Is ALF doing exact clones or fakes like the Fanoe and other Taobao/Ali clones? Cause if they’re doing exact unlicensed clones, that is super not cool, but I don’t see why a fake would net them in this much trouble.

Wow, what a shame. It wouldn’t be so bad if these were just clones without any of the Matrix Lab markings & not claimed to be boards made by them, but from what I’ve seen these were more counterfeits than clones. I gotta agree with @pixelpusher, sometimes I just don’t understand people. I mean a good bit of ALF’s own designs were really nice & unique, also they went over well with the community. I really don’t see the thinking behind flat out counterfeiting when you already got that going on… :thinking:

It was indeed super not cool

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Now I see what is going on after reading the posts on zFrontier… The posts about fake Tealios seem equally concerning.

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I’m glad to hear ALF will be getting out of keebs. Some solid past work, but really poor judgement. Penny-wise, pound-foolish.

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Woah, what? I thought all the mumbling about “fake tealios” was in reference to Geekmaker Creamies.

Got some Geekmaker Creamies a while ago. Sound good stickered and lubed, and quite smooth, but the top housing is way too wobbly. Bit of buyer’s remorse putting them in a board, but it was a cheap mistake.

If Google Translate does its job correctly, there are some posts claiming there are vendors selling fake Tealios, under the name of Tealios, advertised as Tealios. These are not confirmed though.

Edit: Confirmed by Zeal. Please refer to his reddit post.


Yeah it’s hard to make out what some of the posts on the Zfrontier forums are getting at with using google to translate. It does a good job of translating the words, but add Chinese slang into the mix & someone like me who can’t read Chinese loses the plot real quick LOL!

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Confirmed by Zeal now


Craziness, guess I gotta cross KBDfans off the “buy from” list. :open_mouth: It makes me wonder too, the V1 78g Zealios I got from them with my NIU mini aren’t quite as tactile & have a slightly different feel compared to ones I got from Zeal directly… :thinking: That was almost a year ago so this could be more than just Tealios & been going on for a long time now.

Well, “today in keyboards” certainly escalated quickly.

Went in with the thought of catching up on what is going on today. Now, I just have the sad.


Are people passing off EPBT stabs as real Zeals, too??

There’s a discussion about that in the link I posted from Reddit. Some people think that enjoy PBTs stabs looks far too similar to Zeals, and that constitutes counterfeiting, where other people do not since they are not branded as zeal (as far as we can see on sellers sites).

well damn, I thought that kbdfans was a good place to shop. Not anymore it seems.

The question is “are they INTENTIONALLY doing this?” Because if they are, that majorly sucks. But the fact that they’ve been bending over ass-backwards to make things right for a lot of people makes me suspect this wasn’t intentional.