Low profile build

Hey guys! Looking to create a low profile build, any advice on case/PCB/switch you’d recommend?

Side note: are plates needed in a low profile build?

Thank you in advance, the help is greatly appreciated!

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Too bad the TADA68 is no longer offered. You could get the metal low-profile case at a decent price, and it looked and supposedly felt good, too.

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Would any low profile case be okay? I purchased Kailh Red Low Profile Choc Switches, thinking it would be a good combo.

I try to do as much research as I can, but some questions I have I can’t find on the good old google machine.

Okay, looks like you might want to read further. You mentioned Kailh low-profile Choc switches. That means you’re really going for the real deal, something centered around actual low-profile switches. [Not just the case].

That will get you what you want, but I am not sure how using those switches will limit your case and PCB options. It’s good that you’re asking specific questions about whether any low-profile case and PCB / plate would work with these switches.

Sadly, I don’t have experience with Kailh Choc switches, so you might want to pose some of your main questions in bullet form for others to answer.


This sounds like @deshipu’s wheelhouse; he’s been actively developing a few different low-pro solutions. I haven’t seen him around for a month or two but you might want to see if he’s available for brain-picking.

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I’m here, but recently I’m focusing on non-keyboard projects, as I made my endgame keyboard… for now, at least.

I’m afraid I can’t help much. As far as I know, the low-profile switches are so new, that there aren’t really any standards yet. You need special key caps, and usually they are different for different manufacturers, The footprints are different even for different versions for the same manufacturer.

I would guess the situation will be similar with the plates, though I think I have never seen a low-profile keyboard with a proper plate.


If you are into ortho you can check out the boardsource technik GB.
And mbk legend keycaps.


Oh nice, it has a staggered option as well.

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I’ve recently gotten into ortho and have my eye on Corne low pro I saw at Boardsource.

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What exactly is “ortho” :sweat_smile:

“Ortho” is short for ortholinear, and that refers to keyboards that have their keys on a straight grid, like this:


learning! woohoo!

Thanks deadeye!

I checked them out they look pretty sweet! I am going to take a shot today or tomorrow at making one with what i have for now, and ill get right back to you guys with the outcome! Once again, thanks for all the help!


Note that the ortho keebs tend to make your hands come closer together and at a more uncomfortable angle — that’s why so many of them are split, either in two parts or in one, but connected at an angle, or at least with a gap in the middle.