Lubing Switches: Where to lube


How about thin teflon grease, or ptfe powder ?


I’ve traditionally heard that lubing the tactile legs can ruin the tactility, it would make sense that the same logic can be applied to the contacts, although I’ve never heard it. Usually thicker lube and in more places rounds and smoothens the bump.


After reading MIke’s post, I went back and relubed Outemu Sky tops. That removed the last trace of scratchiness from the switch.

Best part is I was able to to do it without opening the switch. Just,

  1. remove keycap from switch
  2. press switch stem down all the way with something (I used a tweezer)
  3. lube areas shown in the post





Good stuff, really appreciated the detail of the experiment.


I agrees with the others that lubing the peg can be beneficial, if done correctly.
So far I always only lubed the peg.


I’d be curious to see if the wear points would be the same if the switch was lubed. The whole point of lubing is so that there’s not drag/friction on certain parts and I wonder if it smooths out some of these areas when lubing just the rails, etc.

I don’t want to come across as negative, I’m just curious how lubing just the rails and sides would affect friction areas. What I’m getting at is I wonder if some of those friction zones would change (better or worse) with rail-style lubing.