Manofinterests 2022 Sales Thread

See my listings here:

If you’d like pictures, please let me know and I can take the pictures and add an album to the list when I get time


I’m a sucker for a white TKL - so may be interested in the ALF - are those nicks in the finish, on the top and front right, or something with the photo?

Could be something with the photo, but I’d just say assume the worst

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Nice price for a Unicorn! Acrylic means it probably sounds great too.

Err, maybe you read multiple lines; the Duck Unicorn is Acrylic. Still sounds great with lubed tealios in milky housing though!

Hi, what kits are included in MT3 serika?

Included kits are;

Katakana Alphas
Extra Mods
Super Homing

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Some prices have been updated;

Keyboard Description Price doesn’t include shipping
Mira SE Silver; built with zeal Healios 600
Southpaw FS Black; built with cream switches 425
LZ-PhysiX Black; built with silk yellows
Includes wristrest
Xeno 450
Bear65 E-White; unbuilt, NIB 500
SKB60 Black; built with ergo clears
can be unbuilt; includes PCB
FR87 Black; Durock T1 switches 300
Duck Unicorn Duck Acrylic TKL w/Lubed Tealios 400
Rukia with Holy Pandas Polycarb 800
Ogre grey; incl both polycarb & alu plates 1500
Kei mxhhkb pink with brass bottom upgrade 700
Rukia Polycarbonate built with Lubed Halo clears 750
Bauer 2 Polycarbonate w/ light blue 1000
Triangle Labs TR60 grey built with box whites 200
Northgate Omnikey 101 ANSI; white alps 175
E7-v1 All Brass Version; bundled with GMK Chocolatier 1000
Bauer 1 Pnik/ewhite cerakote 1000
Keysets All keysets are gently used.
JTK Toxic 70
SA Lime 80
IFK Katakana WoB 50
KAM Starry Night 120
KAT Alpha 140
GMK Camping R1 250
GMK Striker 250
GMK Mizu 450
JTK WoB 70
PBT Sifo Blue 70
MT3 Serika 200
GMK Striker 250
MT3 DEVTTY R1 with extra compact 100


All prices are OBO


Anything still available?

Bumperino in case you want to treat yourself for xmas/new years

Is that the Maxkey or SP lime?


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