March Retail Therapy!

With world events going on, how are you staying sane?

Stockpiling toilet paper? Stockpiling water? Stockpiling Lysol cleaning wipes and Purell hand sanitizer?

Watching the Market dip to lows you may or may not have seen in your lifetime* (*dependent on age) making you pull your hair out?

Well here we are in 2020 and nothing is better than telling ourselves, “I’m helping the economy” by buying that little something extra that makes us feel a bit better.

Anyone treat themselves to a little bit of anything extra this month?

I started this month with having a chicken bake.

Then I proceeded to buy myself a new “on the go” camera (the G85). Now I’m considering spending more because of course I need to ‘kit it out’ with a cage, side handle, top handle, on camera monitor, and a power solution for both the monitor and the camera.

Now I realized I have locked myself in to a couple of keyboard GBs…

At least I won’t be buying any keysets this month?

How about you all? Any market bears buying yatchs with their earnings xD. Joining some Keyset or Keyboard GBs this month? Maybe just buying that bar of chocolate when you’re at the checkout at the grocery store?

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All of my funds are being thrown at the handwired project I’ve been planning out since November, and it’s cool to see that come to a close, but man, the GMK delays suck. Olivia++ got pushed back to June :frowning:

That being said, I think I might treat myself to DOOM Eternal this Friday so I can keep myself sane while I’m locked up at home for four weeks.

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I planned on building a new board this month, but now some of the parts I wanted are delayed. I might spend time looking for replacements, but i’ll most likely be spending most of my time playing the new league on Path of Exile. Maybe pick up a second job to do from my PC at home as well.

I went for GMK Taro after skipping it last time around, and that’s probably about it. I stocked up a bit, but mostly just coffee and white claw because it’s looking more and more like I’m going to get stuck working from home.


I missed the Canoe rev.2 purchase window (4 days?). I am kind of bummed about that, but I had other RL stuff going on. I’m guessing that most of the keeb stuff I am interested in will be delayed by Covid-19.

So March will be really quiet for me.

I kinda wanted the purple one but it sold out like right away…

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Shoot. I bought a keyboard when I should be buying toilet paper and soap . . .

Also, chicken bake is dank. Gimme. I don’t live near a Costco.


I thought I would have at least a week. I didn’t have the cash in the slush fund until it was too late :frowning:

@ [LightningXI: While I am too much of an idiot to figure out how to quote two people in the same post, let me say this about Chicken Bakes. One either loves them or hates them. My son and I play a game where we try and gross each other out with combining ingredients, and the Chicken Bakes are an oft used component in the gross combo game. To each their own :slight_smile:

I spent too much last month so no new keyboard stuff for me for a little while. My company had me start working from home a couple of days ago so I’ve been working on getting everything all cleaned up in between work stuff. Just hoping I don’t have too much cabin fever over the next couple of months.

Ngl, I’m sitting here wondering exactly how I’m gonna make it through the bills, yearly LLC filing, and a final loan payment that’s all happening next month. Numbers are noticeably down from Feb, our monthly grocery run we did stock up a bit more than usual, and I’m sure it’s gonna get worse/costlier as things progress. I’m trying to focus on pulling in assembly work and pushing my encoder project closer to an IC, but I’m sure at least part of next month is going on a card I had almost paid off.

I guess on an indirectly positive note no sets have happened that have made me unhappy to not have the money for them. SA Sail looks good, but I’m not even close to considering it for the price or being from SP. I think my last actual keeb-related purchases have been these encoders for testing/prototyping with, and then Crimson Cadet way back. Not gonna complain about not feeling the need to spend money tho.

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I’m close to buying a new, power laptop. I’m also looking at a silent gaming PC. It’s annoying that I can’t play a fighting game on my business laptop.

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Artisans. I liked having money.

On the bright side, GMK Dots and hopefully MT3 Serika are arriving in the next few weeks!

Artisans for me too. It’s a fun hobby that absolutely wrecks my wallet. At least my box is filling out nicely again!

Also going in on a AEBoards Constellation (Aegis Navy) and may also go for Zambumon’s Jules in bronze. We’ll see…

I split an order of Alpacas with a friend and I’m looking forward to trying them out. I feel set in terms of boards and key sets, but I will buy the Orbit-X whenever it becomes available. Other than that, I’m probably going to sell off a bunch of stuff that I don’t use anymore.

I’ve been doing my part to stimulate the economy, even though I should probably be saving right now. Last week I spent some good cash on MKB stuff, found a GMK Olive base kit for $155, ordered some more 60% plate & case foams from MKultra, ordered a few packs of Spirit 68g slow curved springs from Oco (I know shouldn’t be buying from Spirit, but nobody else has slow curve springs available right now), & I also broke down & ordered a silver Duck Raven from PrimeKBs. Which I can’t wait to come in cause I’ll finally be doing an ALPS build that’ll take my SGI Granite caps with it!


I was planning to do the same whenever ALPS Yuri ships, but I still need to figure out what ALPs I want. What variant were you planning to use?

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SKCM browns for the Raven since they are my all time favorite switch, but I have been thinking of giving linear complicated ALPS a try. Probably will rebuild my ALPS64 (where the browns currently are) with linearized damped creams since they feel pretty good loose. Honestly though if it’s gonna be your only ALPS build I’d recommend going with a tactile or clicky switch (brown, orange, or salmon for tactile & blue or white for clicky). Linear complicated ALPS are very nice, but don’t offer anything a good MX linear doesn’t have IME. While on the other hand complicated tactile ALPS are the best tactile switches out there & the clickies are only rivaled by Kaihl clickbar switches IMHO.

OK, so I lied. Just jumped in on a dark gold Jules. And although it looks like it wil be April, I’m also going to pick up a Savage75. 3 days matter. :slight_smile:


Nice, the Jules is tempting board! If I didn’t jump on that Raven for an ALPS build I would’ve definitely joined for a Jules, I still might if I can scrape up the extra cash LOL!

I’m building my split keyboard, most my stuffs finally arrived, the PCBs are like half a month late and I still need to wait.

My company starts to make employees work from home (starting tomorrow), I really don’t want to work from home (it’s somewhat inefficient) but I understand companies must take measures against this pandemic.

I still buy stuffs like I normally do, not stockpilling anything.

I don’t think I can buy any keysets in the foreseeable future.

Hope things won’t get any worse. :unamused: