Welp! Looks like these are back as well. Guess I’ll flip those MINT Yok Pandas I got two weeks ago

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Already ordered mine :joy:

Oof, first batch hasn’t delivered yet :upside_down_face:


There’s a comment from Yanbo that suggests they had to order a certain quantity for the first batch and this is them selling the difference between the first batch’s orders and the produced quantity, so that makes sense.

They’re still keeping a stock for replacing stuff that breaks in shipping, I assume, but it’s pretty reasonable to open up sales of that overproduction before the first batch actually ships imo


Anybody know if these are more expensive than the drop in Dec’18?

Hmm are these even worth it though? Massdrop Halo’s are widely available now, and there’s seemingly a new Panda every few months…

Is this a decent price?


How do these compare to Zeal v2 in terms of tactility, spring crunch, and overall sound?

In my experience, they are different but in the same genre of tactility. In terms of sound, I found the pandas to be deeper, thockier and zeals to be more high pitched, but not by a huge margin. Tactility wise, the Zeal v2 are sharper, there is next to no pretravel and as soon as the tactility event occurs, you have a decent amount of post travel before you bottom out. That being said, the tactility feels very “quick and short”. Pandas on the other hand feel like the tactility lasts throughout the whole switch push and has a little bit of pre and post travel. Here’s kind of a visual of what I mean. The ^ indicates the duration of the tactility event.

Zeailio v2: Start: ^^^---- : Bottom out
Panda :Start: -^^^^-- : Bottom out


definitely looks more expensive than the drop from last year


Yep, they a little bit more expensive than the original drop. If I remember correctly in the original drop they were $1 a piece for low number orders & could get around $0.80 per switch when you ordered a large quantity.


This is correct. Yanbo recently pinned a post on the product page saying it’s more expensive as the people who backed it in December got an early bird special for helping back the product.

Not that it was that cheap in the first place, but now we do have more alternatives. I’ll be getting 330 so we’ll see how they hold up (sold off 110 before buying so my wallet didn’t shit its britches).


This is pretty dumb.

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Is there anything worth doing with the halo housings and panda stems? I like this because it seems wasteful to me to buy two different switches and then only use half the parts.

The Halo springs are decent progressive springs, but the Panda stems are pretty awful. Either way, the Massdrop HPs are a ripoff - you’re paying $1.50 for a switch that was cheaper before and they haven’t even shipped. If you really care about saving time, then get these, and wait for an unknown amount of time for a promise of a switch that you can just make yourself for cheaper.

You could use both to make the unholy panda linears but, they’re not my cup of tea.

I’m not disagreeing, I’ve just got a bag of parts left over from the last set I made that I wasn’t sure if there was anything good to do with. Personally I wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra to not have a bunch of waste left over, but in this scenario it might not be worth it, it’s hard to know. I was in for the previous drop, it would have been nice if they’d shipped those before putting this one up so we could know how good they are.

Haha maybe I’ll give those a try

They really are terrible, by the way. They’re the mushiest and scratchiest thing you can get in an MX switch, and it’s a fun novelty.

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Not really as bad as $1.50. If you buy like 110 (which most people do), you’re paying around $1.18 per switch which is only $0.13 more than buying Halos + YOK ($1.05 together per switch). Not bad for the convenience of not having to find sold-out YOKs and having to frankenstein 110 switches together. (Personally, I really like the OG HP colors).

I got in on the first drop for 330, so it only cost me about $0.88 per switch.

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Halo springs aren’t progressive, though they definitely can feel Ike it. The true spring is a linear spring but is just much shorter. You can see this is you look at Haatas force curve

Input Club Halo True

After the tactile event is over the spring is linear.

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