MechGroupBuys website rework is live!

Hi everyone,

I run r/mechgroupbuys and I made a post a while back on keebtalk when our initial website went live back in April. Since then, the r/mechgroupbuys subreddit and discord has grown tremendously. We currently have nearly 10k subreddit subscribers and 6.1k discord members.

I am making this post to happily announce that we launched a rework for our site! The site keeps a better track of keycap, keyboard, and switch group buys. There is also a upcoming section for those who wish to view group buys that are coming in the near future. In addition, there is also an interest check category!

Everything is manually maintained by my team! Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback! :smiley:

Check out the website here:


Site looks nice and well organized! Great job and thank you for providing a great source for all things GB!

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Really wonderful rework here! Made a really useful site even more useful. Thanks for your work.

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Agreed; this site is looking really good! I learned of a few GBs I didn’t know about before just from glancing at the home page - super useful. Good responsive layout, too!

I have a piece of feedback purely from an accessibility standpoint; my eyes are starting to go, so I have larger fonts turned on at the browser level. In most cases, it will override the CSS of a given piece of text if it’s smaller than a given size and, depending on how the styles are structured on the page, it can sometimes break designs. Here’s a minor example:


This would only affect a small portion of the site’s visitors, but if you’re interested in addressing it there are many possible solutions. One might be having the height of the whole row defined by the tallest of the three blocks, or another might truncate the title if it flows-over.


We will take a look into it!

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