Mega checking in!


Just wanted to say hello. I’m Megan from Lo-ki Studios <3 Right now, I’m busy working on some new sculpts that I’ll hopefully finish soon! I’ve been casting too much, and was super happy to ship our most recent orders out this morning!


Hey man, nice to meet you! I’ve actually been starting making resin keycaps - recently bought a vacuum chamber, pressure pot, etc. It’s been super fun and refreshing trying it! I’m hoping to have a topre modset sale in the next month or so, how has this hobby been for you? - enjoying it?


So far I’m really enjoying it. My favorite part is being artistic with the designs and colors. I look forward to seeing your topre set! How cool! I haven’t done any sets, so far it’s been exclusively artisians. I’ve been wanting to get back into blanks though. Just for fun and to see what I can do with them at this point.