Meliewx checking in!


I go by meliewx across Reddit and Discord. I used to look at pretty pictures on /r/mechanicalkeyboards and fell in love. Currently have a Tada68 and awaiting my new Clueboard :eyes:

I’m a rubbish enthusiast as I can’t solder, but luckily I found a lovely bunch of people I now call my friends, who help me with the fiddly aspects. @Jae-3soteric sold me my first ever set of keycaps and it’s gone from there!

I pretty much help fund the spending of @Tiydal by simply buying all his boards - which are always fantastic may I add :wink:

@westfoxtrot is best boi and isn’t too bad at making cables. @ChrisSwires assists in teaching me the linear ways and I just post pictures of my pupperino. I also use him as a table to put artisans on and snap pictures.

It works :black_heart:


Welcome mel - glad to see pics of Noel up already :slight_smile:

Dogs are the best people <3

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Seconded and welcome Mel!


True though

You, madam, seem to be in the right place. <3

But Mel is a northern Lady from the Uk!! :laughing:

Did you just… just assume… ASSUME, my gender?!

Failed the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course not! :sweat_smile:

ninja edits

For real though, it’s just a habit of mine. Sorry!

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You are right… my boards are amazing :wink:

how do you fancy building the boards I have coming? :laughing:

I’ll build anything :star_struck:

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Didn’t come and build my decking with me :frowning:

You can’t type on a deck :frowning:

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You can once its built…

Soon :tm:

Heh Mel in America is often Melvin isn’t it? In case you are from the big ol’ USA. I’m Melanie. This time, I will let you off

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I am from the states. I appreciate the letting off. :stuck_out_tongue: