Mods that just didn't work out?


Did you end up trying out the keyclack silencing pads at all? I need to install mine, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about their experience with them.

I actually love BKE Redux Lights, but man, they make the board loud as hell.

Ugh. Too many.

  1. I tried to transfer my QFR into an aluminum case I bought off tao bao and I dont know if it’s the daughter board or if I somehow shorted out the PCB while switching it out, but the board no longer functions.
  2. Tried to dome-swap my Plum75 Bluetooth. Ended up writing a long post on both keep KeebTalk AND R/mk (you can find it if you search “let the buyer be ware”) about how that disaster went. After 10+ tries opening and reclosing the case, all the switches still don’t work and now the board turns off and on sporadically.
  3. Bought a click-modded ALPS custom off r/mechmarket and swapped the Poker case it came with to a 5 degree aluminum case, but in taking the keycaps off, the stabs kept popping out and I’m not sure if the spacebar is fully in place.

Some days I just want to sell all my shit and stick to using OEMs.

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I tried but got frustrated. 1 pad didn’t have a lot of effect and they are a pain in the ass to install. 2 pads reduced travel too much for my liking.

I’ve always been interested in Fosen housings. they seem interesting.

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All the times i didn’t use 3204.

Not sure if this is a “mod” but I tried GMK form factor and realized that I just can’t get used to it.
I’m just too stuck on uniform sets.
Gonna be selling GMK Laser now because of it.

You won’t even keep it as a display piece?? I call dibs if you’re trying to offload them :wink:

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Yea if I’ve been trying to only keep things that are giving me value of some sort. GMK laser is cool but I think I just got roped in by the hype.


Was there still a tactile event? I’ve always been to shy to use clicky switches and I want silent clicks (heavy tactile). I love my lubed jailhouse blues.

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Yes, there was still a tactile event once the lube worked it’s way into the click jackets & stopped them from clicking. Although it had a very disjointed feel to it since the click jacket still moved some. I would say j-spacers or some form of spacer to hold the click jackets into place is necessary for what you’re looking for.

I wanted to try out Fosen Aquamarines also, but I remember hearing they made some change to the housings that made them a pain to work with & then they kinda disappeared. Other than the odd person selling them second hand every long once & awhile I haven’t heard anything about Fosens in a long time now.

I have like one in a switch tester. Didn’t seem like anything special

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RAMA Heat Shrink Mod for stabilizers.

Super fidgety to get right, and even when you do it just kind of feels odd. At some point I need to go and remove it from the two boards I tested it with.

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I’m coming around to that view…it worked wonders on a Tofu HHKB with GMK stabs, but it seems to be really finicky with Zeal stabs, and I’m going to have to take two boards apart to remove it and do a post-mortem to understand better what the issue is. I suspect different housing tolerances, but don’t really know at this point. Annoying, since I really hoped this was going to be the answer for upstroke noise. Sigh.