MP3 Players

Just wondering when the quality of a mp3 player goes up because I was looking to get one for these earbuds instead of buying an apple aux to lightning cable

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Imo it’s not worth it and the apple adapter will sound just as good. The dac in the apple lightning adapter is actually quite good.

I think there’s an audio thread on here somewhere


Around 3:25 these come up; he compares other ones to them through the video.

Also, this man’s pet snake has an instagram.


yeah i watch dankpods alot and saw a couple of videos including this one where he recommends them I just don´t want to lose sound quality cuz of an adapter.

Ah, now I follow. Man - that in itself would make a good video. He could do the wiggly graphs and everything.

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You shouldn’t. Like @dwarflemur said, the Apple connect is really good. Apple has a history of having pretty amazing DACs. The only issue you may run into is that adapter can wear and tear easily.

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