MT3 Serika

Looks like this is coming in August. I really really like the MT3 profile and this colorway is pretty nice. I missed out on the GMK Serika drop so I’m really looking forward to this.


I’m joining this GB too :slight_smile:

More MT3 is a good thing!

Because Zambumon didn’t post these here yet, these are the final colours.


Great to see more MT3 keysets, definitely going to join the GB.

I joined the group buy (this is my first GB BTW), being an SA lover and absolutely wanting to try this MT3 profile.
Seems like this GB is doing fine as some of the sets have already passed the 300 units mark.

Now we have to wait 6 months …

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I know it sucks, but waiting for months on purchases is just part of this hobby for now since mostly everything is made in custom runs.

It does have it’s merits because it limits the instantaneous buy syndrome: you have to think if what you are about to buy will please you 6 months later :wink:

Did you personally purchased this feautiful set ?

I am not a big yellow fan but this set growned on me and everything including the fonts are just awsome.

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That is a really good point, never thought of it that way but have to agree! Yes I got my set set of MT3 Serika on order already too. I’m a Yinzer so anything that has black & yellow in it catches my eye, LOL! Also I had to miss out on GMK Serika & the aftermarket has priced me out of that set. Although, I do agree the custom fonts on this MT3 run look great & the fact that you can buy mono legend alphas for this one make me think this is the better set to grab between the two!

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Yes out of the GB sessions keyset prices are crazy :smiley:
I bought my SA 1965 keyset a few months ago at a totally unreasonable price :laughing:

These 6 months will be used to design a new keyboard for this set :wink:

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I’m not a fan of the yellow but the font is awesome and the MT3 profile is intriguing. Hopefully we see more interesting sets on it!

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Drop is having the Keycap recap event on Thursday, August 22 at 6 a.m. PT. They have left over sets of MT3 /dev/tty Rd.2 that will be available. You’ll have to be up early & on it it to score what you want since these events usually sell out of the most desirable sets in mins. Although it is an option & you wouldn’t have to wait nearly as long to receive them on the upshot.

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