Multple strike issue

I receive a Red Dragon Mechanical keyboard as a gift, but after a few months I notice that if I am typing really fast, the keys would double strike or even triple or quadraple strike. This is really annoying and probably means I have to replace the keyboard but just for educational purpose what couldd be the cause of this issue.I have attempted to clean the keyboard using compress air. In addition, the issue isn’t specific to any keys so I don’t think it’s an issue with the keyswitches.

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I haven’t heard of redragon boards having this issue, but it’s possible something is wrong with the debounce handling in the firmware. I have an old Noppoo board with this issue, but that one actually lets you adjust the debounce tolerance (a horrible decision) so at least that one is more understandable.

Basically, debounce is a setting that tells the keyboard if the electrical connection is opened, closed, and opened again really quickly, that’s probably just the contact leafs bouncing against each other in a single keypress. They’re really thin pieces of metal, so when you press a key they don’t always perfectly make contact because the moving part bends. Most keyboards handle this really well, so I’m not really sure if that’s the exact problem you’re having but based on your description that’s my best guess.

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I don’t have much to help this specific issue but if you’re googling for solutions this is typically called “key chatter” so it might be easier to search that way.

Good luck!

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“what couldddddddddd be the issue?”

Hi, the Red Dragon K552-1 is basically a cheap mechnical keyboard. I tried to get it warranty repair, but the company won’t help me without a receipt, so I am stuck fixing it on my own.

I did tried updating the firmware, but I can’t find a firmware that works.

Sounds like key chattering - it could help to clean the switches. I suppose they’re soldered so for something that takes less effort, perhaps try to remove the keycaps and clean the switch with some compressed air

I am not convince with the switches. It happens on every key if I type fast enough. If it’s the swtiches, it would only happen with some of the keys.

If it’s happening on almost every key & only when you’re typing really fast it sounds more like a firmware or controller problem than a switch problem. Most likely the debounce settings in the firmware like @Laughmaster suggested.

I can’t seemed to update the firmware. Every firmware updater I have downloaded seems to say that it’s not that particular model.

I’d suggest looking specifically on these forums or reddit for a firmware for that specific keyboard, not just blindly searching.

I am hardly randomly searching. I have looked on RedDragon Zone, RedDragon USA, reddit,a dn this board. I was able to find K552 firmware on the site, but when I run it, it said that it cannot find my keyboard. There appear to be multiple version of K552, so perhaps I am not using the correct firmware.