MX Zilent vs. Zeal Zilent Sound Comparison

This time I have used two of the same type of keyboard with the same modifications done to both, same keycaps, same lubing techniques, only thing different is the switches.

The video alternates back and forth, starting with the MX Zilents, then the Zeal Zilents, back to MX Zilents, etc. The keyboard with the purple escape key is the Zeal Zilents keyboard.

What are MX Zilents? MX Silent Black Stem in Zealio housing?

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Yes Cherry MX silent red or black stems, in Zeal housings usually, but I used Aliaz housings, which are currently believed to be almost identical.

But which feels better to type on? It can be as silent as it wants but its pointless if it doesn’t retain a satisfying mechanical feeling.

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I like both! They are so different, and I like variety. The MX zilents are smoother and quieter, but the Zeal Zilents have a a nice tactile bump and the noise they make is kinda fun. To me they both feel good just very different so I can’t say that one feels better than the other.

Both lubed with Tribosys 3204? Zeal Zilents sound just right to me :slight_smile:

Yep 3204 on both!

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MX Zilent doesn’t feel like an appropriate name for a linear switch, as the word Zilent has become synonymous with tactility… At least in my book.

Silent MX Zeal or MX Seal would probably be a more appropriate name…