My five-way linear switch sound and feel comparison video

Sorry about the background noise, it’s mainly coming from my PC and I don’t have a quieter PC!
The microphone is very sensitive, and it’s a calibrated microphone so hopefully the sound will be a good representation of how the switches sound in real life.

Thanks to @mgsickler / Novelkeys for providing me with some of the switches used in this comparison!


God comparison video as always! I don’t know about Aliaz housings being the same as Zealio housings though. At first i thought they were the same myself but after some testing I have come to believe the Aliaz housing uses a different lower grade plastic. Just because they feel a little scratchier than Zealios & have a pretty different sound profile IME (comparing with Zilents, both lubed). I could be wrong about that though cause Aliaz are quite smooth & comparable to Zilents, but I still notice some differences between the two, maybe the slider is made of a different material?

So how do you like using Tribosys3204 for linears? I have yet to try it myself as I have stuck with Krytox VPF1514 oll for linears wsince I’ve always had good results with it. Gonna have to give some Tribosys a try on linears soon though. I hear quite a bit people using it for them & liking it now that Tribosys is more widely available.

Also the TTC (other than the top out) & Greetech red really surprised me with how much you liked them. Greetech not so much as I have know they are pretty good switches from personal experience, but have never tried any of their linears. Anyways thanks for the great contributions & I look forward to more good stuff from you bud! :metal:

Walker bringing the keyboard science as usual :ok_hand:

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