My name is noroadsleft. I am bad at introductions

Been in the hobby a bit over two years now. If you recognize me, it’s because I use this name on reddit (where I’ve been active for several years) and geekhack (where I’ve been an occasional lurker and seldom poster for over a year). I also pop up in TopClack streams on Twitch occasionally, where I go by the name xxiinophobia.

I’m just now getting more involved in the deeper aspects of this hobby. A little over two months ago I volunteered to help work on the QMK Configurator, which is seeing ongoing improvements. Also looking at doing my first build hopefully later this year or early next, as the hands-on tweaking aspect of mechanical keyboards scratches a life-long itch of my love of working with my hands, an itch I don’t get to scratch frequently.

So hi there.

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