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Yep - FR4 is what the current Portico68 kit comes with, and generally aluminum would trend more towards a “clicky” sound in comparison.

The fiber composites (both FR4 and carbon fiber) are kind of like a drum; enough give to flex, enough resistance to vibrate back. Soft plastics just absorb those vibrations, while hard metals resist them.

The FA version of the Tofu uses the gummy o-ring mount system as opposed to the other methods used by the original Tofu65 and 2.0 versions.

ISO and ANSI are two different layout standards generally used in different parts of the world - ISO is more common in Europe, ANSI in the Americas. For our purposes, ISO is the one with the tall Enter key, and ANSI is the one with the single-unit height Enter key.

from Freewrite’s website

Glad to be helpful, and always happy to answer any questions I can!

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Ok thank you this is very helpful !!!

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Hey I have a quick technical question. On a pcb tester my D key works , but it game it works then gets stuck or does not work. Ive changed the switch and cleaned it as best as I can. Anything else i can do or is there any other troubleshooting i can do?

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Assuming this is a hot-swap board, there’s a chance the socket itself is a little dirty or that its contacts are bent out of the way just enough to make the connection tenuous.


That’s a cut-away side view of the socket contacts - sometimes those can become bent-apart and stop doing their job well. It’s usually possible to bend them back-together with some tweezers and a bit of care and patience.

An alternative solution to this issue is to slightly twist the switch pin that goes into a widened socket, but that can increase the likelihood of bending that pin or damaging the socket contacts.

It’s also possible the socket itself is loose, but I’d check its contacts first.

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