New Gateron Polycarbonate Recolor?

They plan to ship this month. So it’s a fast preorder.

Can’t tell if it’s a polycarbonate housing. Says a custom mold. Probably just a recolor of gateron rgb housings.

The IC says it’s a polycarbonate housing. Wouldn’t this be the first PC gateron branded (not zeal) housing since the stealios drama?

Are these going to be tealios recolors for 1/2 the price?

Got the link from the GH post here




Aaargh, so many new switches! Will I choose the right one? :dizzy_face:


There is no right or wrong. Only Buy.


Wait did Gateron look at the GMK Wavez switch designs and just… decide that was their thing? Is this a partnership thing?

EDIT: Just had to look this up but the GMK Wavez tie-in switch was called “Sonic” and I don’t think it ever ran.

These don’t look like PC to me from the photos. I wonder what’s going on. Also says POM stem. I did notice the standard gateron switches are on sale or sold out at a lot of vendors.

Wonder if this recipe is going to be the new standard for Gateron soon.

Could it be the great Gateron comeback. Revenge of the Gateron?


Lots of questions on this one.


Haha :joy:
Well I have a pretty solid game plan for my switches, but… :grimacing:

Housing: Pantone color 3308C
Stem: Pantone color 3308C

How lubed is “pre-lubed?”

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But gat yellow prices are unbeatable, hope to see them back in stock :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice stem color, though I don’t know if I’m sold on the housing. What is the benefit of polycarbonate housings anyway?

They are generally smoother than nylon with the trade off of not sounding as pleasing to some.

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I ordered 200 switches.

I read somewhere that polycarbonate housings amplify sound so I’m gonna put Phoenix stem in these and see if it’s pleasing or not.

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Zeals are polycarbonate, you’re basically going to be making zealiostotles, which are awesome. I have some Phoenix stems but haven’t got around to trying them next to my zealiostotles, I’ve heard mixed things that Phoenix aren’t quite the same. They still should be pretty solid though


I got these in today. I don’t think they are at all Gateron, and they are wEiRd af

they are pretty smooth, a bit of wobble, BUT WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THIS SPRING!?

here it is next to a t1 spring.

EDIT - these are not at all pre lubed, maybe the faintest wisp of some oil on the stem, but nothing more than we would see normally


This clear switch is the closest thing I could find to these KK lightwaves. It is an Arctos, leading me to think these are made by the same company

thanks for the pics. The spring looks to be one of these new “preloaded” springs that reportedly reduce the difference in spring weight between actuation and bottoming out. There are a few new switches coming out lately that have these long springs. I’m not sure about the physics behind it. Seems like it would just make for a slightly heavier spring overall. How do they feel to you?

How do they sound? Are the top housings tight or do they need films?

See this thread for discussions of long springs on Keebtalk so far:


What kind of switches are they? Linear? Clicky?

The manufacturer posted a sound test on IMGUR a while ago, but it was so noisy that you could barely make out the sound. Where did they film this a casino?


good lord. By the sound of that video they are slightly scratchy linears with terrible spring ping. I believe they are listed as linears.

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this fad of pre-loading the switch springs by making them unnecessarily long bewilders me, seems like it would only hamper keyfeel in these exact ways from the extra spring interfering with itself. strange times…