New Rama 65+ board

I just saw This one on Instagram, looks like Rama is doing a 65% board with the left F cluster.

I’m pretty into it, I had an M65A that I sold and haven’t had a Rama board since, I think this is where I get another one.


Oh that looks nice👌🏻

That’s the Zenith by Pwner. Will be for sale through the Rama Foundry


Oh lit, I hadn’t seen anything about it and didn’t realize it wasn’t a Rama board.

There are couple more renders of it at zambumons mt3 serika website.

Definitely would buy one if it comes in e-white

Well, fuck. Got sucked in just now by the close of GB countdown on IG and ordered the Zenith. Here’s to waiting 12 months!

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Ha. I joined so long ago that when I saw that IG lost I thought it was progress from the manufacturer. :sob:

Let the long wait begin.