New YouTube channel: Your support would be greatly appreciated

Hey y’all,

I started a new YouTube channel (Clackbait) a few weeks back and it is doing pretty well. I wanted to get this awesome community’s support and feedback to help me grow and provide better content. Really would like to grow my subscriber base!! Please feel free to visit my page. Likes, Comments, Shares, and Subscribes are always appreciated if you like the content!

I try to put as much as I can into the production of the videos and I am learning as I go. I think this hobby has some awesome content creators, and I want to do my part in shedding more light on it. Watch my keyboard reviews and don’t miss the b-rolls!

Link to My YouTube Channel Home page:


Clever name! Good luck!

Thank you!

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Woo-hoo! New sub.

Thank you so much!