Nice!60 BLE PCB

Never know where to share these. The in-stock section mentions it is for vendors, so I’ll put it here. Feel free to move if needed.

Handy looking 60% hotswap board with underglow and bluetooth. I don’t use bluetooth for anything, but I’m sure some would like it. Also not a bad option for hotswap 60% with switches facing the correction orientation. Programmable with ZMK. You have to get your own battery which runs around $10-$15 on amazon.


If I hadn’t already joined the Cora group buy I’d consider this!

I’ve been waiting for this board to come out. I’m not sure how keen I am on ZMK, but I guess that’s a necessity for the Bluetooth support?

Yep. Zmk for bluetooth. The build guide has really nice step by step instructions for zmk

ugh I like this PCB as an idea but I already have a GK64XS and I’m still waiting for the case it’s supposed to go in

But how dummy proof is it for people who can’t code, feel familiarity with VIA, and cautious optimism with QMK?

Well, it’s definitely not for the absolute novice, but the nice60 build guide does have step by step instructions on how to fork the git repository and edit/compile the keymap under the “Getting Started” link:

I suppose it depends on how much you need to do with customization, but I feel confident I could figure it out based on what is provided here.

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