NK65EE's plate might be too tight for BOX switches?

I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but does anyone experience subtle sluggish action when using BOX switches with the NK65EE?
I should mention the BOX switches sit very tight in the plate, I can’t say I feel it with other switches, I’ve briefly had U4Ts and they didn’t feel sluggish and tested 2 Gats and they also felt fine.

I’m asking since I’m using BOX whites and they feel heavier than they should, sort of the same feeling with recent JWK some sort of resistance if that makes sense.

Edit: Forgot to mention it’s an older board with the metal plate, not the newer PC one.

Thanks for the helpful replies!


That certainly can happen. I had a copper plate with my Tind keyboard that was so tight on my ultramarine JWK linears that I felt drag.

I have more than a few builds that have particular switches because of plate tolerances. It’s not ideal, but it happens.

I wish switch manufacturers would stick to Cherry tolerances. I should note, all of the plates That are tight on JWK and otemu switches have no issues with Cherry.

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I can confirm that keeb has a really tight plate, at least the first iteration with the aluminum one - can’t speak to the polycarb version.

HypeKeyboards makes an FR4 one - they’re out of stock but the owner will do custom requests if you message him on discord. Here’s the sales page for the plate:

I have one of his plates in my KBD67L and I love it.

I can second your experiences with JWK. On softer plates like PC, some switches are just a complete pain to get in. On metal plates, it’s physically easier to get the switches mounted but then they can exhibit other oddities. For instance, I have a batch of Alpacas that when I mounted on my M60-A some switches had this odd leaf clicking sound when pressed. I’ve only ever experienced it with JWK switches but for how well their switches tend perform in every other way, the sizing inconsistency and its effects are maddening.