[NO] [H] Dactyl-ManuForm, ProgresTouch Retro Tiny (66 key, MX Silent Red), DZ60 ISO 5° KBDFans Frosted case, GH60 ISO [W] Paypal, Vipps, Cash


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I live in Norway (Rogaland), so I would prefer selling to someone in Norway. But will ship elsewhere as long as shipping is covered.


Price: $150

Info about the Dactyl-ManuForm.

BOX Heavy Pale Blue switches. Black ABS 3d printed cases. 2x Pro Micros and TRRS jacks. Includes acrylic back plates. Should look amazing with some RGB led’s inside the cases. This has not been used at all. Keycaps not included.

I have not made any significant changes to the overall design, other than changing the default number of rows/columns. I’ve also

  • removed the teensy holder (I’ve used Pro Micros)
  • removed the wire posts (they never print right, and are only in the way)
  • minor tweaks to the screw holes, the trrs connector hole and the usb hole
  • removed the side-nubs in the switch holes to make the case compatible with Kailh switches

Diffs can be seen here: 1, 2

The 3d prints are from ABS, and the quality pretty good. The right hand case is perfect, but the left hand case came partially loose from the bed during printing, so the bottom is not 100% flat. The difference can be seen here.

ProgresTouch Retro Tiny

This is a somewhat rare(?) board I recently bought on a trip to Japan. Made by ARCHISS, and apparently Leopold was involved with the development?

MX Silent Red switches, really high quality, thick steel plate, weighs in at 0.72 kg (1.6 pounds). The typing experience is amazing, and reminds me a lot of a light Topre switch.

I wasn’t actually planning on buying this when I was in Japan, and never had any interest in linears, but when I tried out the board in a store I fell in love with the feel. The lack of a “</>” key (split left shift) is killing my programming though, so I’m thinking of getting rid of it.

Price: $100 with stock keycaps, $120 with red Tai-Hao keycaps.

Translucent RGB DZ60

DZ60 pcb with ISO layout, arrow keys and RGB underglow, a sweet-looking KBDfans 5° Frosted case, translucent stabilizers, brushed stainless steel plate, BOX Navy switches. Includes a set of translucent keycaps including a translucent ISO enter keycap, which is hard to come by.

This has been in daily use for around a month, and is in great shape. The parts alone were $190, so looking for at least $150 for this.

Here are some videos showing what this bad boy can do (no keycaps installed). May other effects are possible, and they can all be customized via QMK.

Black alu GH60 “space invader”

The first mechanical keyboard I ever purchased – a “Satan GH60” pcb with ISO layout. Gateron Blue switches, black anodized universal plate and an anodized black alu case, purchased from and assembled by Vincent Zhao/Shenzhen YMD Tech at Aliexpress. Has sip sockets for LED’s, but no LED’s are installed.

This board has not seen much use, as it turns out I really need dedicated arrow keys.

Price: $100

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Very nice, GLWS. Are the LEDs in the switches of the DZ60 sip socketed or are they fixed as red green and blue? Do you have any pics with the keycaps on?


The DZ60 in-switch leds are not socketed. But since I’m using BOX switches you can’t replace the LED’s without first desoldering the switches anyway, since the LED’s end up inside the switches.

I’ll see if I can find the time to take a picture with caps on later today.

If you ever decide to sell the PCB without the case, I would be interested! I have a wooden case on its way and ISO+Arrow is my favorite layout!


I don’t think selling the case should be a problem, so if you’re interested I can probably figure out a deal.

PMing :slight_smile:

What switches are those on the Dactyl? I am in Rogaland too btw. Stavanger meetup whenn?

They are BOX heavy pale blues, one of my favourite switches!

I’ve added some more recent images of the finished boards, showing the finished soldering job. I only need to glue in the USB extensions. I have clear acrylic bottom plates that are included.

Added a ProgresTouch Retro Tiny (MX Silent Red 66key), and some more recent images.

Bump. Updated timestamp.

Bumpday. Still trying to get rid of some of these. Added price to Dactyl ($150).

Also have a HHBK Pro2 Type-S in white that I’m having trouble adjusting to, which I might be coerced to sell if given a good offer. Bought new in Japan in June.