Novelkeys BOX pink switches


Received these the other day from NovelKeys. Today I took one with me to work where my switch tester with the other BOX clicky switches is to compare.

To me it seems much closer to the BOX white than any of the others, basically like a white with a slightly heavier spring. I’d describe it like in between white & pale blue rather than white & jade.

Which is still pretty damn nice, just a bit different from what I expected. Looking forward to building a board with these!


To this day I still think box whites are underrated as clicky switches since they’ve been quite overshadowed by jades and navys. I’m really happy to read this. I’m hoping to stream a build with mine tonight. I’m looking forward to these box pinks!

What are you planning to build with yours?


Nice, looking forward to your build video and hearing your thoughts on them!

I plan to build a KBD19x with them… still waiting on case and caps to arrive, though.


I just saw your video now @Manofinterests, damn shame about the inconsistency :frowning:
I just took one out of the bag to check it out, will have to go through them all now to see how (in)consistent they are.when I get back home.

Now I’m thinking that the one I picked might be a weak boi. :man_shrugging:


I’ve been typing on box pinks for weeks and haven’t really noticed any inconsistency. It’s not something I notice at all when typing.


I checked all of mine, and out of the 120 I bought, 4 have a really muted click (weak boys :)), and there are another 4-5 which are kind of borderline. Not too bad, I’d say. I’m glad I got extra so I still have enough to cover my planned CP board.

If I listen and press very carefully, there seems to be a slight variance across the good ones as well, but it’s pretty much in line with what I’d expect for any clicky switch, definitely not something I’d notice during regular use.

I wonder what the cause is. I doubt it’s the tolerance of the click bar because if it was we’d be seeing this kind of inconsistencies in all the clickbar switches. I wonder if there might be some factory lubing going on here and the amount of lube applied causing the more muted clicks?


i wanted to like these so bad, but i can barely tell the difference between pinks and whites after a spring swap. was really hoping they’d be closer to jades. so far ive only tried them on my nav cluster though, will be building a board for them in the future, so we’ll see…


Yeah, I’d like them to be closer to jades as well…
I wonder if the new “china style” yellow BOX switches are the same as these or maybe closer to my idea of the perfect clicky switch.


Has anyone reviewed those china style switches yet?
I cannot find any…


I bought the BOX pinks when they first released on Novelkeys. I had sat on some box navies for awhile and i thought these would be a great alternative to the heavier and clickier navies. The beefiness of the click in the navies was something that i really enjoyed, but i didn’t really like the sharpness of the tactility. I really looked forward to the pinks because they offered something in between the whites and jades. However the change in tactility was MINIMAL at best (from the whites) and the click was kinda wimpy IMHO. I ended up selling all 100 of my pinks and navies (the navies were too heavy for me). I have some box jades coming in and hopefully those can scratch my itch for some clickies.