Nuclear Wizard Saying Hello!


Howdy Keebtalk!

Joining the forum as a lot of the makers whose work I like seem to be involved in or supportive of Keebtalk. I usually lurk r/mk and r/mm since I’m on reddit anyways.

A bit about me: I got into custom mechanical keyboards looking for ergonomic layouts after switching to Dvorak last summer, and I love the “Don’t ask why,” experimental attitude that most in the community seem to have. I prefer boards that are at least 60% (current daily driver is an Iris; sorry 40%ers, I gotta have that num row). I’m mainly into collecting boards with unique layouts and keysets, but I have a few artisans (my pride and joy is my primecaps 60% deep field mod set).

I have a few project ideas I want to toss around the community, but finishing my degree is the priority right now. My work has had me bouncing between my school (in Texas) and funding organization (in Idaho) in the last year; so I’m sure the only way most know me is my near constant barrage of emails asking to change my shipping address (sorry!). I went to the San Antonio meetup in March and met a lot of awesome people which only makes me more glad to be a part of the community.

I have a Beagle named Fermi, and enjoy hiking. Hi Keebtalk!


Glad to have you, give Fermi a good scratch for me!

Post him here if you want to share :slight_smile: