On how to turn non-wireless keyboards into wireless/bluetooth

Hey hey!

As a fairly new hobbyist it amazes me how the MK community has progressed in the past few months since I got interested.

I’ve got a Drevo Gramr as my only keyboard (bought it a couple of years ago but wasn’t really interested in the hobby itself) and so far it has been super good, but I’ve decided to get a Leopold FC750R PD and was looking for guidance on how to DIY it into a wireless/bluetooth keyboard, it would be super fun as my first serious DIY keyboard project and I’ve never been afraid of soldering/modding stuff anyways.

The thing is I can’t find a lot of info/guides on this specific matter, and would like to know where can I look for atleast a start on how to do it.

If you wanted to have your setup be external; you could get one of these BT dongles and pair it up with a battery bank


Leopold actually showcased a Bluetooth version of the FC750R at Computex but I haven’t heard anything more about it since then.


this is actually pretty cool! I hope they plan to release soon (tho I believe covid is holding them off in some way)

Hmmm, how about getting a battery and making some space for this inside the keyboard itself, would that be feasible?

New user here - keebtalk doesn’t want me sending links, but google “BLE980M”, might put you on the right track.