Opinions on lower tactility switches?



I actually find browns quite pleasant, and Gateron version to be the less scratchy than Cherry.
Not sure about alternatives, cause I still prefer more tactility and looked into those types.


How does it even come up from bottom with such weak spring? My halo clear with blue spring doesn’t work.


I actually tried a blue spring in a Halo Clear and it worked fine but it felt like complete mush, couldn’t tell where the bump started or stopped and I’m not really sure why. Did not have any trouble with it sticking down. These are stock, un-lubed switches, not sure if that matters.

As of this afternoon, I’ve switched the whole KB to the Mod-L. The only downside with them is they don’t work worth a darn for PCB mounted RGB lighting.

(as I write this on a 2018 MBP butterfly KB thinking even mush mechanical is better than this).


idk why my spring didn’t properly bottom up, but I have ordered heavier ones to try again :slightly_smiling_face:
I really like halo clears but at stock are too heavy for me.


Forgot about mods. I love my mod m switches. They are hella wobbly but nice to type on


I have no idea why films do that, but it works.

I also didn’t think Mod was especially wobbly, I know they were “retooled” at some point and I’ve only tried newer ones.


The “lightness” of the Halo tactility is all spring weight. Put a light spring in a Halo, it becomes a medium-strong tactile.


I use Kailh Pro Purples on a 60% board and a full grid Zlant and I like them them a lot! I’ve spent a lot of time typing on Cherry MX Browns and these feel like a slightly more satisfying version of them.

I’ve typed on Zealios v2 and actually found them way too tactile for my preferences.

I’ve also got a bag of Kailh Speed Coppers but I haven’t had a chance to type on a full board of them yet.


Just wanted to share my thoughts on a switch mod I did recently.
It’s made from leftover parts.

Housing: Halo True
Spring: Halo True
Stem: Aliaz
Lube: GPL 105 on springs; 3203 on housing and stem

The switch isn’t amazing but not bad either. A strange characteristic that I noticed is that the tactile leaf on the Halo switch is really loud.


Following up on the Kailh Speed Coppers:

I actually really didn’t like them. They were surprisingly noisy for a tactile (not clicky) switch, and the bump at the top is really sharp.

I spent a week typing on them and I’m glad to be back on the Kailh Pro Purples.


I think the feel of v1 zilents is underrated. Shouldn’t have sold mine!


Lubed v1 zilents :ok_hand: I liked when they updated the springs for the 67g and 78g right before the v2 zilents. Those were pretty nice