Title. Is it possible to have pages? I hate endless scrolling.



Thanks for coming over Xondat!


Try disabling JavaScript. Or type “#” and it lets you just to a specific reply number if you’re viewing a post.


I think it would be a good user-toggle option. Sometimes I like pages, sometimes I like infinite scroll, depends on the mood.


Not possible at all with Discourse simply because the developers do not believe in pages at all.


hOw ArE yOu NoT gOnNa BeLiEvE iN pAgEs ItS lIkE rEaD a FkN bOoK lUl


Would definitely be cool to have the option.


I wonder if there’s some sort of either Discourse or browser addon that could work some magic to make pages. I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to set a reply limit before it “makes” a new page.


Can you help me understand why you want pagination? The only reason pages were ever added to websites in the first place was because of load time. The widget on the right gives you all the functionality pagination would have.

Discourse already does this out of the box though, what are you looking for that isn’t already there?


I second telfire’s answer. Plus when you go to a thread you’ve already responded to it defaults ou to first unread


Side note, I am absolutely loving this feature, it makes it so much easier to follow lots of topics


It took me a few minutes to realize that when I started using the site, but I have to second your opinion. Especially with the unread alerts. No scrolling through a ton of posts you’ve already read or going back 5 pages because 3 people decided to meme through the page and you want to see an answer to your question.