Panc Store has slashed prices for the rest of July!


Hey everyone!

For the rest of July, you can save 10% on EVERYTHING on the site! This includes Campine kits, PCBs, stab sets, and anything else.

Just use discount code JULYSUMMERSALE2018 at checkout, to apply the price cut.

The angled base to the Campine mk.III is currently getting prototyped. Remember, if you buy a Campine now, you will get 10% off the base when the GB starts!

Thanks for your support, and if you have any questions, let me know!



Those powdercoat finishes are absolutely wonderful!

Might have to pick up a plate soon :eyes:


Thanks for the kind words Huey!

We’ll have to do up something special for y’all :eyes:


I would love to see more examples of the possible combinations and finishes. What is there looks great and I want to see more!


I would be very curious to see the different finishes

KMK Labs.


Thanks for your interest folks!

Here’s an album. with completed finishes for various projects

I can conceivably do any color or finish that exists for powdercoating.I also like to go crazy with the experimental stuff.

Let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to see.I try to make short clips for anything interesting that I come up with.


I have a green one from the Campine Mk. III group buy. I’ll take some photos when I get home. The only issue I had with it was that some screws were very difficult to screw in all the way when attaching the floorplate. I’m not sure if it was an issue with powder coating getting into the screw holes, an issue with tolerances, a combination of both, or something else. I did manage to get all the screws far enough in to my satisfaction, but I certainly won’t be messing with them at all from here on out. That aside, the Campine is a wonderfully simple high profile case. The powder coating is well done and I like that so many color options are offered.

@Alexatpanc, do you have any thoughts/input regarding the issue mentioned above? I would love to order more cases in different colors, but the screw situation I encountered was rather offputting.


What are these finishes in the photos?

Teal flake

Purple flake

Starlight shimmer

KMK Labs.


Glad you got in touch! I’ll PM you and we can discuss the resolution to your situation :+1: I don’t want anyone being displeased with their order.


The interesting thing about powdercoat is that they can look many different ways on all different colors.

For instance,this is the purple flake on a purple base and a royal blue base, respectively.

Here’s a custom mix of matte charcoal, using several different pigments mixed with a matte finish.

Here’s an ink black with a starlight shimmer topcoat,

And here’s a “cedar purple” with the starlight shimmer topcoat.

So really, mixing X with Y can produce all kinds of different effects!

For reference, here are the listings from which I obtained these topcoats:

Teal flake

Purple flake

Starlight shimmer


Thanks, Alex. I appreciate the immense effort you put in to do right by the participants of the group buy. You can count me as a satisfied customer.

Below are pics of my Campine Mk. III that you may add to your album if you wish.


Eksuen, I’m happy to hear you’re pleased with your purchase!

You honor me with your pics and I appreciate you allowing me to add it to my album. :pray:

If anyone has any questions or concerns about finishes or colors, please let me know!


Wow, those finishes are beautiful, could you do something with the bronze color?

KMK Labs.


Here is a pic of a bronze coat I did on a prototype. I recently did a bronze for someone that came out stellar; I don’t take and share pics of commissions unless permission is expressly given by the customer. I’ll reach out and try to get some from them.