Partner appreciation thread

This thread is for all things non-toxic related to your partners and keyboards. Feels like too often in this hobby people will joke about the binary, keyboards or significant others, or joke about hiding purchases from their partners.

We know that in reality, they can be pretty awesome and supportive. Take mine for example, I mentioned to her that my DCS Paperwork order just shipped and I said that I was wondering what board to put it on, and unprompted she said “maybe you need a new one.” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I truly love her.


My wife bought me an Aaru TKL for our anniversary. I use small boards, but I’ve always loved Egyptian history and mythology so it was perfect. Hooray for great spouses.


My GF bought me a Vortex KBt RE: 68 because I said I dig the retro vibes (old IBM keyboards)
She liked the fact I’ve ordered Command 65 (childhood memories of my first computer, Commodore 64).
Also, she was impressed with Rama packaging etc.
She’s kinda cool :wink:


My partner helped me build and package my very first orders the other day, and was just all-around super supportive throughout this two-year keyboard design journey :slight_smile:


Nice teaser of a hexa split. :wink: Is this the 0x13 ergo? Any news on that? (And what happened to your repo urls? Simply renamed the kb folder to hw?)

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I built my wife a keyboard a couple years ago and since then have converted her to topre keyboards. She is in the process of building her own by herself and she came to me the other day and said “I understand why you like this hobby so much, building your own thing is fun”.
It can definitely be a fun activity to do together, like a puzzle.


I’ll keep the response short not to derail here: Yeah, it’s the 0x13.ergo board. Testing it these days. I reorganized my repos a bit and the URLs changed; if you still see a dead link somewhere please DM me!


When you’re supposed to clean the house, your busy wife arrives unexpectedly, and she finds you in the attic arranging keyboards on the carpet.

And instead of filing for divorce, she stands dumbstruck in the door for a few seconds, then without the slightest sign of sarcasm, with honest appreciation in her eyes, she finally says: “Wow, like in a museum”.

List of keyboards here: Cakeday inventory 2022


That is beautiful and inspiring


Not a great pic of me but my partner looks nice:

She’s not a huge keyboard nerd or anything but she appreciates some parts of the hobby. She wasn’t wild about the split ergo board I built her (a Iris) but she’s been happy with this restored Alps ergo board:


Love this photo of you two! Also amazing keycaps on the Discipline65. Where did you find those? What a cool idea.

I’m going to have to find something to post in here. My collection and parts tend to spill out into various corners of the house when I get something new to work on, and she hasn’t divorced me yet. Does that count? I get an occasional… “good lord, how many of keyboards do you have?”

Last week she asked if we needed to take out an additional insurance policy for them. That was thoughtful, right? :grin: I think that counts!


Thanks! It’s a combination of two pride flag sets I pieced together:

The transgender pride flag was made from ePBT Blank Blue, ePBT Blank Pink, and some white PBT blanks (these were YMDK).

Later on, I decided to dye some PBT blanks with iDye Poly to create the lesbian pride flag. It was my first time dyeing keycaps but I think it came out nicely. There’s a tiny bit of streaking/graininess on a couple of the pink keys but it’s not very noticeable.


GMK Pride is in-stock if you want more. :smirk:

At the risk of leading this thread way off-topic, I received my Pride set last week and it looks great. I’ve posted pics somewhere on here…

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Nowadays I barely fiddle but when I do my wife tilts hear head and immitates me when pressing obsessively on a stabilizer key to hear if they sound right, with a retarded expression + smirk. We burst into laughter every time.

She also keeps me on my toes for new keyboard purchases to be matched by her with traditional handsewed clothes which sometimes match my keyboards value so it makes me think twice before hitting that buy button.


My partner can detect the slightest change in spring weight or length. I’m pretty sure it’s a superpower because I get so frustrated with myself when I’ve done like four spring swaps, and they all start to feel similar. Also, over time and compared to a whole onslaught of switches, he 100% consistently chooses the lightest spring weight of a Boba U4 that I’ve offered (currently 55g compared to 62g, 65g, and 68g Gazzew springs) having no idea what a Boba U4 is or how to identify it. I feel like my switch preference changes with the wind. Maybe we are in the wrong hobbies!