Plate Mount Stabilizers and/or Convex Spacebars Source?

I’m building a custom mechanical keyboard and am looking for 2U-3U stabilizers and convex spacebars.

Plate mount (there won’t be a PCB) 2U stabs seem to be around everywhere. But 2.25, 2.75 or 3.0U stabs are illusive. Anybody have a source?

The convex spacebars seem to be available here…does anyone have any experience buying from AliExpress and/or buying these spacebars?

The switched on the board will be separated in split formation in a very wide format giving me room for 2, 2.0/2.25/2.5U spacebars on each side.

Thank you for any help.

You just have to buy a 6.25u or 7u stabilizer wire and cut and bend 1 end to fit

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Thanks @pixelpusher. Any thoughts on keycaps?

Found these. You could use the wire on them

Thank you.

2, 2.25, and 2.75u keycaps all use the same common 2u stabs, so you’re good there unless you really need 3u for some reason.

I buy from AliExpress all the time. I’ve always had good luck getting what I order, but the cheap shipping options can take a few weeks to arrive in the US.

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Now it makes sense why I couldn’t find them…thank you…very helpful @mountainblocks ! Good to know AliExpress is a reliable source. Thanks again.

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Aliexpress is in the same vein as Amazon - the site itself has no bearing on whether any particular vendor is reputable, but a majority of them are. KPRepublic is a good vendor for sure.

Thanks @Lesbian, the different businesses providing product inside AliExpress is a distinction that wasn’t obvious to me.

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